OROL is committed to working with local communities to support the development of community solutions to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Participation has been shown to have positive effects on health in and of itself, and studies frequently show the necessity of ownership by the community to successfully combat HIV/AIDS. We implement an intensive prevention, treatment and support program including behavior Change  communication as we recognize that environments influence people’s decisions and activities involved with HIV/AIDS and that it is not enough to attract and interest people in the prevention program, but is also crucial to motivate people to make decisions and take actions based on the information we provide.


As part of our thematic areas, we implement educational programs to empower vulnerable children, teenagers including adolescents such Youth development, mental health and development, early childhood development, pre-and after school programs. Our educational activities are also carried out through participatory learning, trainings, therapeutic groups and workshops 


Poverty used to be a rural phenomenon, but lately, it has become a common
rural and urban experience which correlates directly with family size and the
number of earners in a household. In order to effectively combat the spread of
HIV/AIDS, it is very important that the relationship between poverty and the
disease be determined, with special reference to a poor resource setting, this
is essential because poverty have a multiplier effect on food security, nutrition
as well as reducing new case and caring for those already infected

By designing and delivering a quality, comprehensive entrepreneurship program tailored to meet the needs and interests of youth, and build on their existing skills, OROL hopes to give  youth the skills to launch and lead their businesses through business knowledge, mentoring support, technical assistance, and linkages to financing.