Practical demonstration of Corporate Social Responsibility: By partnering with us for our projects and events, you and your organisation will be contributing practically to the quest of sensitizing Nigerian youth on the negative effects of unprotected sexual intercourse and early sexual debut. Furthermore, you will be contributing, indirectly or directly to HIV and AIDS reduction in Nigeria especially amongst youth. You would also help the society in the task of eradicating teenage pregnancy, transmission of sexually transmission diseases, and empowering youth with various life skills.

Marketing opportunity: Through partnering with us on our events, your organization will be provided with the opportunity of marketing your product either through interpersonal contacts or through presentations during the community awareness programme. We can also hand out printed materials such as banners, flyers, leaflets or have your product giveaways to promote your services or products at our events. Through this partnership, you would be indirectly investing in HIV and AIDS prevention in Nigeria. Your support would therefore be a great investment in the future of this great country.

Contributions and Donations: Our programs also bring smiles and hope to the faces of the children especially orphans, homeless children and disabled. Through our Smiles for Children Initiative and other projects we gather toys, books, clothes and donate them to the children in need. We are very proud of our activities and actions and we have proven that very little is needed to make an impact. Children have the right to be happy, healthy, cared for, loved, protected, educated and to participate in their communities’ activities

Giving is a magical thing. No matter how you look at it, the power of the gift always comes back to the giver, it cannot fall. Unlike how it works in an exchange, the gift never requires a sacrifice or a loss and always brings back joys, memories and gratitude. Any action that results in child’s smile is a huge reward. If you share this aspiration of ours, you may want to start a unique journey with a child in need. Don’t wait please. We hereby request that you become part of our cause and support us either materially, financially or both ways within your capacity. You can donate money, books, toys, school material etc. Your financial support will help the youth and underprivileged children to choose life and build their self esteem and awareness. It will also get them books, clothes, food and fund other essential needs. With your support, we will also be able to organize workshops, trainings and events for the children. Please find below the details of our Bank Account.


Account Name: OROL Youth Empowerment Initiative
Bank: GTB Nigeria
Account Number: 0108098205

For an International donation please email,  or call +2349096288884 , +23492900165, +2348037446936 for instructions

Thank you and please ensure you tell someone about this initiative